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Each One, Reach One: Share your story!

During the ATPE Summit, new Executive Director Gary G. Godsey issued a challenge to each and every ATPE member:

Each One, Reach One

Think back to the person who first asked you to join ATPE and the difference ATPE membership has made in your career. You can have that same impact by simply asking someone to join ATPE. Each One, Reach One: Every ATPE member recruits at least one new member.

Ready to accept the challenge? Here’s how to get started.

1. Share your Each One, Reach One story.

Asking someone to join ATPE is as simple as asking someone to join you for a cup of coffee. Tell us how you were introduced to ATPE! You can send us a photo, a few sentences or even a quick video shot on your smartphone. As a sample, ATPE Member Services Director Amy White (a past state president) shared her story:

“It was September of 1986—my first year of teaching at Wylie High School in Abilene, Texas. My mentor teacher was Paula Bull. She had also been my supervising teacher that spring when I was doing my student teaching at Wylie. She was teaching biology, and I was teaching physical science. The school year had just begun, and she came to me one day with an ATPE application. She said ‘Amy—you should join ATPE. I am a member as are the majority of educators in our district. Every educator should be a member of a professional organization. The best thing about ATPE is that they worry about the things that you don’t have time to think about. You can always count on ATPE to be by your side.’ From that day forward I have been a member and will continue to be. Thanks for asking me to join, Paula!”

Amy also recorded a quick video using an iPhone, which you can watch here.

Share your stories and links to videos, and email us your photos. We will publish selected stories on the Each One, Reach One blog and in ATPE publications.

2. Add an ATPE “Twibbon” to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Let’s get social and start some conversations by adding ATPE “Twibbons” to our profile pictures. Visit http://twb.ly/162joQ6 to add a small ATPE ribbon to the corner of your profile pics.

3. Start reaching!

Get out and share ATPE with your friends. Here are five simple ideas:

  1. Like ATPE on Facebook, and share posts from our page.
  2. Post a link to the ATPE Virtual Brochure on your Facebook page.
  3. When you finish reading an issue of ATPE News, pass it on to a colleague. Each issue contains a membership application!
  4. Ask your local unit president how you can help with the membership campaign. You could greet new teachers at your district’s new-teacher orientation or pass out fliers on your campus.
  5. Ask the person in the classroom next to you or the bus driver you see every day which professional association he or she belongs to. If your colleague is not yet a member of ATPE, say, “I choose ATPE, and I think you should, too. Here’s why.”
We can’t wait to see where Each One, Reach One takes Texas’ biggest and best public educator association! Once you’ve recruited a new member, let us know, and we’ll recognize you on the Each One, Reach One blog and in ATPE publications.

Here’s to a fantastic year for all ATPE members!

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